About Us

Baytree Care was setablished in 1997 as initially opening Baytree Lodge, but then devloping a full spectrum of services for adults recovering from mental health problem.


At Baytree Care we have a stable and committed staff team who are passionate about their engagement to provide excellent quality driven support to people with enduring mental health difficulties. The management team is composed of leaders with long experience in the care field. Our big dream is to empower our service users to make decisions about their life and to support them to faster recovery and independency.


From the care home, we provide a safe environment with the correct balance of independence and support to suit every individual’s needs. We encourage service users to realise as much independence as possible and achieve their full potential as individuals both within the home and the wider community.

Our aim is to encourage independence, preserve dignity, enable freedom of choice and protect the privacy of each resident. This approach grows out of our mission: to champion quality of life for all our service users in the care home or in their independent flats.


As the service user’s recover their need change, we are able to provide graduating levels of support to cater for service users at all stages on their journey to full recovery. We follow you to your independent flat to give you the lower level of support you require, with a familiar staff team.

Baytree Lodge

At Baytree Care we have a stable and committed staff team who are 100% dedicated to providing excellent quality suppo

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Holmwood is committed to providing excellent quality support and accommodation for people at all stages of recovery f

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Baytree Lodge call our registered manager Siyoum on 020 8445 8114      Holmwood call our registered manager Ian on 01603 433437