Our Services

At Baytree Care, we provide services to support services users at all stages on their journey to full recovery. We have 1 registered care home - Baytree Lodge and a range of supported living accomodation ranging from shared houses, to individual flats for those who are ready for more independence.


Baytree Lodge:

Baytree Lodge is a 12 bedded CQC registered care home that provides 24 hour care and support for those recovering from significant mental health difficulties. It provides a homely enviroment for service users to regain their independence with support from our skilled staff.


Bramley House:

Bramley House is a 5-bedded Supported Group Home with a cluster of supported flats for independent living that provides 24 hour support for individuals recovering from mental health difficulties. Bramley House is suited for service users who are regaining their independence and need a lower level of support than is offered at Baytree Lodge, but are not yet able to live completely independently.


Supported Living:

In 2012 we developed Supported Living Services (BSLS) to supplement our service. This comprises independent flats and also Bramley House, a 5 bedded supported group home which provide step-down accomodation. The supported living accomodation is ideal of those service users who have shown progress at Baytree Lodge, but still needing a lowever level of support, after being transferred to their own independent flat.

Baytree Lodge

At Baytree Care we have a stable and committed staff team who are 100% dedicated to providing excellent quality suppo

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Reservoir House is committed to providing excellent quality support and accommodation for women at all stages of reco

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Baytree Lodge call our registered manager Siyoum on 020 8445 8114      Holmwood call our registered manager Ian on 01603 433437